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Ideal Protein Diet Cost – Starting Fee, Kits, Food Price, and Comparison

There is a rumor that the cost of the Ideal Protein diet might unaffordable for some. Obviously, a diet comes with a concern of increased expenses and for those who have tried other weight loss programs, the cost is a relevant question.

You are considering coming to our Ideal Protein clinic for weight loss solutions and must be curious about the following:

How Much Does the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program Cost?

Many of our prospective clients feel delighted that there’s a safe and sure solution to their weight loss but raise the concern that the Ideal Protein diet might be too pricey.

Our answer:

“As when considering the price for anything, we must weigh the costs against the benefits. Additionally, the cost of the Ideal Protein weight loss protocol is comparable to the prices of your presently consumed meals.”

As with any weight loss diet, you have to look at the return on your investment of time, money, effort, and, most importantly, the results.
These are the factors that we encourage you to consider during the free weight loss consultation. Let’s look at the typical costs incurred while following the diet and how they vary.

How much does the Ideal Protein program cost or how much do the Ideal Protein foods cost?

It depends on the clinic as they are independently owned and operated.

Each Ideal Protein clinic is required to charge a minimum cost for the weight loss products. However, the pricing structures of the different weight loss clinics vary widely.

In the USA, the cost of Ideal Protein diet is:

What Does the Cost Cover?

With most clinics, to begin the program, you will need to pay a fee of $350 – $450. This initial start fee usually covers the following 
Ideal Protein starter kits:

Another benefit we add to the mix is that we can happily ship or hand deliver your weekly supplies when your schedule prevents you from making it in to one of your weekly coaching sessions. You also can login and shop from our entire product line right here on our website.

This initial start cost is an important distinction and consideration when selecting a weight loss clinic.

Why We Don’t Charge an Upfront Starting Fee

Here at Ideal Plan, we do not charge a large upfront fee for starting the Ideal Protein program, unlike many other clinics that require $450 – $550 just to get started. We have always viewed a hefty upfront fee as a barrier to showing people how transformative Ideal Protein is under our specialized coaching.

We offer our Onboarding Special to show clients just how amazing our program is and prove that the transformative possibilities are limitless. We do not need to trap clients into a long term commitment or hefty upfront investment.

Taking advantage of our Onboarding Special, you can start Ideal Protein with,

For now, let’s break down the cost of each Ideal Protein diet component.

What Whole Foods Apart From Ideal Protein Envelopes Do I Eat?

You will consume four cups of approved veggies each day. You may also consume our optional simple salads, one to two times a day.

The diet also mandates 6 to 8 oz of lean protein each day, which can be divided up or consumed at one meal.

Weekly, your whole-food grocery costs should be easy enough to calculate. Per week, you will have to purchase the following:

Can I Afford the Expenses?

You need to know that there will be little to no difference between what the Ideal Protein diet will cost you and what you are already spending on the foods you eat. Sometimes, our dieters tell us that they SAVE more when on the diet, Phase 1 especially.

Moreover, many clients who had tried other programs such as Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig, cited that Ideal Protein proved to be much more cost-worthy and cheaper for them. To clarify things further, we have outlined a few food expenses that you will avoid when you’re on the diet. You can quickly tell whether you can afford Ideal Protein by taking a look at your current habits.

Ideal Protein Cost Versus Expenses on Meal Out

I have a busy life, and before Ideal Protein, I usually ate out at least three days a week for lunch and 2 to 4 dinner meals.

For lunch, I either ordered from a local restaurant paying between $10 to $20 for my meal and a drink.

Dinners, which typically involved at least a glass of wine added up to between $20 to $35 on average.

When on Ideal Protein, I became a meal prep whiz, helping me focus on the diet. Meal prep was essential in teaching me to prioritize myself, along with my family, and it also saved me so much money.
Even just one of these meals covers almost all of my Ideal Protein products for the DAY. Not to mention that wine is not allowed on Phase 1.

So, before Ideal Protein, I was spending about $30 to $45 for lunch weekly. For dinner, I spent between $36 to $150 per week, totaling between $100 – $200 per week. I didn’t think twice about what I was spending on dining out, but at the same time, I spent most of my waking day thinking about my weight.

Ideal Protein Cost Versus Expenses on My Morning Coffee

I have a busy life, and before Ideal Protein, I usually ate out at least three days a week for lunch and 2 to 4 dinner meals.
Before I became an Ideal Protein dieter, I loved stopping by Peets or Starbucks a couple of times a week. I used to get a breakfast sandwich and a White Chocolate Mocha. As a product of the ’80s and ’90s, I always opted for the non-fat option. I was “healthy,” and I tried to avoid anything that could be detrimental to my health.

Each time I visited one of my morning ritual spots, I would spend around $6 for coffee, and whenever I included the sandwich, I paid $11 to $12. That is what TWO Ideal Protein meals cost!

Now make a choice: would you rather have Two Ideal Protein meals or a morning habit that costs you around $30 to $60 every week, and just for weekdays?

Ideal Protein Cost Versus Expenses on Uber Eats

Before Ideal Protein, I usually ordered from Uber Eats or Door Dash AT LEAST once a week. And since I was ordering, I would add side dishes, desserts, or other items to warrant the delivery costs. When everything adds up, delivery fee, service fee, and tip included, I spent around $35 to $50.
Yes, it was convenient on days I didn’t feel like cooking, and the price never stopped me.
While I love convenience, it also comes at a cost. So, how much does it cost you physically and financially?
Now choose: Would you rather order Uber Eats or put that money toward Ideal Protein foods and losing weight?

Ideal Protein Cost Versus Expenses on Happy Hour

Yes, I know some people would rather not consider the Ideal Protein protocol than give up Happy Hour. On most diets, but especially on a ketogenic diet, you need to avoid alcohol. This avoidance doesn’t mean you will miss out on social events altogether, just the expensive part of socializing.
You can still party with your friends after work; you will spend a lot less money ordering club soda with a lemon or lime. Dressed up like that, no one will even notice you aren’t drinking alcohol.
Happy hour cocktails pack a financial punch. On average, it costs from $5 up to $15 depending on where you go and what you like to order. The chances are that you will have more than one drink, doubling the cost of a happy hour. If you go out twice a week, that’s another $10 to $30 spent on alcohol.
Cut out the alcohol that you drink every week, and you will gain $30 to pay for Ideal Protein products.
Now choose: Would you drink at the bar or spend the money on the Ideal Protein diet for better health with long-term benefits?
As seen above, by cutting out or changing some of your habits, you can easily afford the cost of the Ideal Protein diet.

The Total Cost With the Ideal Protein Diet in Each Phase

Phase 1 or Weight Loss Phase

Phase 1 of the Ideal Protein Weight loss Program is where you will spend the most. It is the phase where you will lose all the weight.

For the Ideal Protein products, supplements, coaching visits, comprehensive reports, daily mindset content and continuous coach phone support, you will pay only $129 per week. If all we did was sell food and subtract all the other incredible parts of the program, that would mean the food is priced at only $6.14 per meal. About $18 dollars per day for rapid, safe weight loss and the guidance to a new dietary mindset where you will keep the weight off for good.

The losses vary from client to client, but our typical average is about 10 pounds per month.

Phase 2 or Stabilization Phase

The Stabilization phase also referred to as Phase 2, will cost you about $99 every week. It typically lasts between 3 to 6 weeks based on how much weight you lose. Dieters with more weight to lose will spend a little longer on Phase 2 to stabilize their weight loss before moving to maintenance.

Phase 3 or Maintenance Phase

Lastly, the Maintenance phase (Phase 3), does not have any particular weekly cost for Ideal Protein foods. The only thing you will pay at our Ideal Protein Clinic will be for the coaching. After you get the groove of Phase 3, you will reduce those visits from weekly to monthly, still having the electronic support between your visits. You still have an option to purchase your favorite Ideal Protein snacks, but they’re not required.

Is Ideal Protein Covered by Insurance?

Insurance plans do not cover the Ideal Protein diet costs or product expenses as it is a meal replacement program. However, many of our clients use their HSA or FSA funds to cover the expenses of their Ideal Protein journey.


Clearly, the expenses of the protocol are absolutely affordable and in many cases can even help you save. If followed correctly under our coaches’ guidance, Ideal Protein will be your best ally for a new dietary lifestyle that will keep you lean and healthy.

Have a few more questions regarding Ideal Protein costs or how the program can be your weight management solution?

Don’t hesitate to text us right here through the site or send us a Contact email. We also offer complimentary consultations so that you can clarify all your doubts and see exactly what we are made of. At your visit, we offer a free body composition scan with metabolic health markers and samples of our meal replacements. Don’t wait, setup your consultation today!